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About Me

Just your typical 20-something trying to see the world, be the world and understand the world.  I’m doing this on a dare, and maybe someday I’ll update this section so it actually says something about me.  But for now, I’m just your humble blogger…with a little extra holiday cheer…(that’s me as a Christmas tree)

And a warning to be careful about looking under your hood…you may or may not like what you find:

All kidding aside, I’m a third year medical student  in the great state of Connecticut, and there’s nothing I don’t love about what I’m doing (that may or may not be a lie).  I graduated from college with an English major, and had more or less set down the quill upon entering med school.  But, with a little jolt from a friend and few stories as fodder, I’m looking for a comeback (I suppose though it can’t be a “comeback” if there was never an initial attempt; therefore, we’ll just go ahead and call this my entrance)…

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  1. Aubs permalink
    December 4, 2010 1:34 am

    Love it Cris! Keep em comin!

    PS: I’ve lost 2 phones to the ole’ back pocket toilet adventure…


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